Successful couples

With the below couples were formed. This success can also be yours. We are excited to work with you.

Mikael and Tatiana

My name is Mikael, I am from Germany. I am a very happy husband and surely wish to share my experience with other men, so they wouldn’t hesitate and would try searches for a Slavic lady for marriage. My wife is from Ukraine, her name is Tatiana. We are in marriage already for several years.

I used the service of direct meeting, without any preliminary communication, so it was so-called blind date and it succeeded. I met a feminine, soft-hearted, tender woman who also has the same strong family values as I do. I didn’t have a luck to meet to find such a lady in my country, after some disappointments I decided to try searches in Ukraine and don’t regret about anything. Vice versa right now I feel myself complete, we built harmonious relationships and can be a wonderful example that international relationships work.

My big thanks to the team of this service, for their individual and professional attitude, to their human relation to every client, to ability to hear and listen to people’s needs, to feel people well. They really found a perfect match for me 🙂 And of course, I didn’t have to worry about any organization moments- transfers, hotels, translation service, I felt well-cared 🙂 We never miss a chance to visit their office again and to say Hi and again Big Thanks for their precious work!

By the way, age doesn’t matter when we have to start something new in life, we all deserve to be happy and should never give up. For me it worked!

Eddie and Nadezhda

I am Eddie and my wife is Nadezhda, we are living in the USA and we met through this marriage service.

Our first meeting was in Kiev, agency provided us with translator, her name is Ludmila, big thanks to this person for being so helpful for us in everything, for saving our relationships and for all your instructions 🙂 It is really surprising that so young people can give so useful information to us, I was really surprised by how professionally all organization process was made, all steps were coordinated, we just needed to enjoy each other’s company and learning each other, that is great!

I was in contact with several ladies through letters at first, but of course, in the process of communication it was understandable that this person is not right for me, that one is also. I almost gave up until I started communication with Nadya. We exchanged some letters and then agreed upon our personal meeting. I arranged travel and staying for my lady in Kiev as she was from another region of Ukraine. We had several meetings after that, she was visiting me in the USA also. I knew, I would never feel again complete without this person in my life. She is my real second half, real lady and It is WONDERFUL to feel a GETLEMAN, I missed that feeling a lot in my country, unfortunately. Never be lazy to go out of your shell, search and you will find, it is an advice I can give everybody who is reading this and who is still hesitating. There are lots of family-minded, feminine ladies in this world!

Guy and

My name is Guy, I am from USA, East Hampton, New York. My wife is from Ukraine. Right now we are waiting for her spouse visa. We got married in May 2017, in Kiev, Ukraine. We had several meetings on that way and since the first moment we met, I was shocked in a good way how well people in this company felt my personality and my needs.

I addressed here for personalized search, didn’t want to spend hours and days for profiles browsing trying to find right one for myself, it is too time taking and effort taking process without any guarantees that we would be right match for each other. I don’t have so much time for this. So, after some dialogues with agency representative (her name is Yuliya) I got profile of my Galina and surely liked everything about her. We had correspondence for several months before my visit to her in Kiev, we didn’t worry about our communication as we were provided with translation assistance. For the first meeting we were also accompanied with our personal translator, surely having instant chemistry made also wonders how easily we could find common language when stayed alone. Yes, love can destroy differences, it is true.

My conclusions are that it is very important to deal with true professionals in this sphere, with sincere and kind people who really want you to succeed. Sometimes we all need such Guardian Angels for our relationships to work, who would direct us in right direction and would share precious and friendly advice