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Free Photo Profile

Express yourself!

With your photo profile you can take the opportunity to highlight the fabulous in you and describe what you find attractive in a potential companion.

  •  Upload up to 15 photos
  •  Share your interests
  •  Customer Care reviewed profiles and photos
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RealTime Notifications

Feedback in an instant!

Enjoy instant access to how others interact with you.

You can stay in tune with the following interactions:

  •  Profile views
  •  Messages Sent
  •  Messages Read
  •  Photos likes
  •  Profile Favorited
  •  Winks/Flirts
  •  Profile Updates
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Inbox with Threaded Messages

Stay relevant as you send messages

Our Inbox feature allows you to respond to messages in the context

  •  Received Messages folder
  •  Sent Messages Folder
  •  Premium members store unlimited messages
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Go ahead and Browse!

Find singles in your area

  •  Find members by their interests
  •  Find members who are online
  •  Find members by lifestyle
  •  Find members by appearance
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Connect faster

Reach out an send a message

  •  Make that initial introduction
  •  Share you emotions with emoticons
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Personalized Settings

Stay connected the way you want

Customize how you interact and how you want to be contacted.

  •  Configure the frequency of your personal updates
  •  Set your location preferences
  •  Hide your profile from searches
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Contact History

Stay Informed and up to date

For your convience we help you keep track of all your important interactions

  •  View members who have viewed your profile
  •  View your favorites
  •  View profiles you want review at a later date
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