Our Clients

MatchPassport.com is for serious men and women – those who are ready to make an emotional investment in meeting someone. They are ready to connect and should be comfortable seeing themselves in a serious and lasting relationship.

They believe that distance is not a hindrance to start or even keep a relationship.


Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the successful male member at MatchPassport should be motivated to meet a lady from any place around the world where cupid lands an arrow.

Our men are intelligent, commitment-minded, successful, responsible and highly desirable. They are stable, comfortable and happy with where they are in life. And they are trying to fill the only missing link in their lives – a life partner.


Our women are smart, beautiful, classy, desirable, educated, intelligent, sophisticated and emotionally healthy. They are modern, independent, open-minded people who are seeking an compatible mate. Our women have a lot to offer to a potentially matched partner.