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heart icon Узнайте, как познакомиться с молодой девушкой, Успех
Leo heart icon Alena

Alena and Leo’s relationship story is the very inspiration for They both thought love was a fleeting opportunity but as fate would have it- it happened! Here they are on their wedding day. is about dating Russian women and starting serious relationships that can lead to marriage. This is exactly what happened for Leo and Alena . Sometimes labeled as Mail Order Brides, beautiful Russian women are seriously looking for real relationships that can lead to marriage.

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Join the growing number of singles who have fallen in love through international online dating. Beyond your borders, experience the endless possibilities of global dating. Make memorable connections and discover love with beautiful singles from around the world. Join now to begin writing the next chapter of your story!

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Looking for your better half? If so, you have already landed at the right place – here you can find hundreds of women for dating and marriage. All of them are real people who are also looking for their significant others.

Most of these beauties are from Russia and other ex-USSR countries like Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, who are also called ""Russians"" in the Western world. No wonder men all over the world dream of marrying a Russian woman because they are charmed with beauty of young Russian girls and kind-heartedness of mature Russian women. For thousands of men the dream of dating a Russian girl became true and turned into a happy marriage.

Look at these fascinating Russian brides, review their photos – your future darling must be among them!

But please note that is not a source with Russian wives for sale, because nobody can buy Russian wife (if you are looking for Russian women for sale, you are about 200 years late, sorry). What we offer to you here is a opportunity. An excellent opportunity to meet a Russian girl that will become your one and only. A wonderful opportunity to find a pretty Russian woman who will be a perfect match for you - so your match will be one of those made in heaven.

How to find the right Russian woman at

Step 1 Which you have already made: Visit

You are here, so you have already made your first step on the path to a happy relationship. At our site, you will meet Russian women from all over this vast country. Fortunately in Russia, international dating is rather common. Hence for those men who are looking for dating, Russia is an excellent country. There are thousands of gorgeous Russian girls and single women there – anybody who had been to a Russian marriage agency will tell you the same.

Step 2 Which takes a couple of minutes: Register at

Step 3 View photos and find possible matches

These Russian girls’ pictures are so charming that they make men wonder: "Are mail order brides real?" At our site they are. All these Russian beauties, photos of whom you see at this site, are live people with their characters, interests, and preferences. That’s why, after glancing at the photos, study their profiles to find out what kind of person she is, what she likes and what she expects from the future.

Step 4 Get in touch with women.

Well, once you have your heart set on someone, get in contact with her and start your very first conversation. Good luck to you!

Step 5 Most Important. Start developing a relationship

There is one important thing that you should bear in mind if you want your relationship to be successful: when you communicate with her, remember that she’s a person, not just a "mail to order bride".

What is a mail order bride? The very term is used since as long ago as 1800s, when thousands of British girls and women crossed the ocean to marry men from America. Two hundred years passed, but people still cross borders to find their other halves.

How much is a mail order bride nowadays, you may ask. Well, Russian mail order brides cost time and only joy as you make effort to develop a relationship with her. Exactly the same as any other woman, in fact.

Another question, which Western men frequently ask, is ‘are Russian mail order brides real?’ Every beautiful Russian woman you see in this website is an actual person – a woman that lives in one of the thousands of cities, towns and villages of Russia. The women whose profiles are listed here are people who want to alter their lives for the better, not so-called Russian brides for sale.

Many people wonder what makes women from Russia seek spouses abroad. In other words, what makes a Russian mail order bride? The main reason is the lack of Russian men who look for a wife, not for a one-time date; fear of lonely life in old age (yes, even 20-somethings may be afraid of it!) That’s why, for a Russian girl, dating someone from the other side of the globe is a chance to start a family. She isn’t a Russian wife for sale - she is a woman that is looking for her match, just like you are searching for yours.

A couple of tips that help men who are dating Russian women:

Be truthful about yourself

No woman likes to find out she’s been misled. Remember about it when you are dating Russian girl.

Don’t lie to look more attractive – why do it, if you can find a woman who will take you as you are. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses. What is more, the traits of your character that you perceive as flaws, many women will take for granted… or even like.

Your lifestyle is far from being active? There are many women who also are stay-at-homers and will be happy with a couch potato. Being an introvert, downshifter, nerd, or geek is not actually a drawback, if you find the right woman.

Have quality photos at hand

When you have already seen dozens of breathtaking Russian women pics and selected the one for you, what about having a couple of your pictures taken? Russian girls’ photos here are of excellent quality; you are going to date Russian girl… and what are you going to send her – a blurry snapshot from your webcam? Simply, you will be more successful with clear and professional photos of yourself.

Learn a bit of Russian

Dating a Russian woman can be a little challenging if she doesn’t speak your native language fluently, and you don’t know Russian. By the way, did you know that 11% of Russians speak English? You can well find Russian girlfriend who speaks good – or at least understandable - English. So, for many Russian brides Australia, UK, USA, and other English-speaking countries are a logical choice. Those who don’t, often learn English. You will be surprised to learn how much are mail order brides are spending on learning English. Many of the women who wish to find a man from an English-speaking country hit the books after filling the profile. But anyway, the more you understand each other, the more odds that your relationship will be a success.

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